Artist Statement

There are forces in our world of which we know but a little. Timeless inquisitors, ever searching for that great point of equilibrium, where the balance is revealed between ourselves and our place in all that is around us. Some sense of connection between the inner and the outer. An ever present force field of the subconscious.

As an artist I like to put my brushes into the waters of this force field.

The blank canvas contains everything. The trick is to strip away just enough to reveal something. To find the first word in a conversation. This is the process I enjoy, particularly as it's like picking fruit. Sometimes the fruit hangs low, and sometimes it's way up in the highest branches. But how enjoyable it is to pluck something from the tree.

I like to revisit easily recognizable imagery from the Renaissance and beyond and to present it from an altered, contemporary perspective. A risky business to be sure, but I do think there is understanding to be gained in bringing things forward.

If the process works I produce interesting work that I like. The air that I breathe lives in the hope that others will find the work interesting too. That's not quite seeking approval, more like legitimizing my efforts.